Real Estate Video & Photo

Our real estate video services highlight the unique features of your property or listing, making you stand out from the competition. We focus on crystal clear visuals, aerial views, and walkthroughs to help envision what it's like to be physically present in the property.

We also specialize in realtor personal branding videos to help your clients get to know you better. We sit down and talk about your tactics as a realtor, experience, and showcase your lifestyle in an eye-catching way. This is a great way to introduce yourself to your target audience and explain in detail what makes you stand out. Our clients use this as a virtual business card and landing page video for their website.


Every video project is customized to best fit your needs. Total cost is based on the time it takes to complete your special video from start to finish with shooting, editing and post production. Our rate is $150/hr and most projects take between 5-20 hours to complete.