Music Video Production

Your music deserves visuals on the big screen. We work closely with all types of musicians to create a visual atmosphere. Whether you are looking for a simple performance recording or you want to turn your song into a short film, we have capabilities in all realms of video.

Here are a few genres of music videos we have produced...

  • Hip-hop
  • Country
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Alternative
  • All types of live musical performances

& more

Here's the process...

Pre-Production Stage

Conceptualizing the music video idea or story. This includes thinking about the storyline, location, and casting.

Script Writing:
Writing the script for the music video, which includes the narrative, dialogues, and lyrics.

Deciding on the budget for the music video, which includes all aspects of production, such as equipment, crew, location fees, props, and costumes.

Location Scouting:
Finding and securing suitable locations for filming.”

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Every video project is customized to best fit your needs. Total cost is based on the time it takes to complete your special video from start to finish with shooting, editing and post production. Our rate is $150/hr and most projects take between 5-20 hours to complete.